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Founders - Louis, Barry & Paul

Our Story

UnifyOrdering was launched in Dublin in 2018 by a group of friends and industry professionals passionate about local food but frustrated by the wholesale ordering process.

Louis, who runs a wholesale Speciality Coffee Roastery and a group of coffee bars, wanted to be able to have greater insights into his team's ordering patterns and eliminate simple ordering errors.

Barry, who had over a decade of experience in restaurants and food retail, wanted to be able to discover new, local, Irish producers.

Paul, a tech expert with a track record for innovative software, knew there was a solution to these problems. UnifyOrdering was born.

The initial idea was to fix ordering for Buyers - restaurants, retailers, cafes, bars etc. One App for all staff members for all of their suppliers.

It was quickly realised that ordering for Suppliers - Wholesalers and Producers, was just as problematic.
The UnifyOrdering team set about creating a solution which digitises every aspect of ordering for Suppliers.

By fixing ordering for Buyers and Suppliers, UnifyOrdering created an organic network which now allows the Irish Food and Drinks industry to connect and do business in a completely new way.

Our Irish team
Our Irish team


We’re always looking for new team members. Please send your cv to [email protected].