About Us

What We Do

UnifyOrdering makes ordering simple by bringing Buyers and Suppliers together in one place, eliminating 100’s of hours of work, giving more time to focus on what really matters.

With our powerful app restaurants, cafés and retailers are now able to manage their orders, connect with all of their existing suppliers, collaborate with their team and gain useful insights into their spending.

For Suppliers, we fully digitize the entire ordering process, putting their live product brochure in the hands of their buyers 24/7, while allowing customers to connect at the tap of a button.

Buyers and Suppliers both win by reducing costs and gaining a new level of control and efficiency.

At UnifyOrdering, we are re-shaping how the entire industry connects and operates through a collaborative platform that Makes Ordering Simple.

What We Do

Our Story So Far

UnifyOrdering was launched in Dublin, Ireland in 2018 by a group of friends and industry professionals passionate about local food but frustrated by the wholesale ordering process.

The initial idea was to fix ordering for Buyers (restaurants, retailers, cafes, bars etc) with one app for all staff members with all of their suppliers.

It was quickly realized that the ordering process for Suppliers - Wholesalers and Producers - was just as problematic. The UnifyOrdering team set about creating a solution which digitizes every aspect of ordering for Suppliers.

By fixing ordering for both Buyers and Suppliers, UnifyOrdering creates an organic network which now allows the Food and Drinks industry to connect and do business in a completely new way.

UnifyOrdering is used by over 5000 businesses daily to manage their ordering and invoicing - this network is growing day to day.

Our Story So Far

“At UnifyOrdering, We Make Ordering Simple for both Buyers and Suppliers. We allow both parties to gain control, eliminate manual tasks, improve efficiency and ultimately grow profitability.”

Barry McNerney
Barry McNerney
CEO, UnifyOrdering

The Team

  • Business Development

    • Barry (Founder & CEO)
      BarryFounder & CEO
    • Louis (Founder & Director)
      LouisFounder & Director
    • Pat (COO)
  • Design

    • Emily (CDO)
    • Louis (Digital Designer)
      LouisDigital Designer
  • Technology

    • Sergey (CTO)
    • Anastasiia (Front-End Developer)
      AnastasiiaFront-End Developer
    • Aleksei (Lead Back-End Developer)
      AlekseiLead Back-End Developer
    • Eugene (Senior Back-End Developer)
      EugeneSenior Back-End Developer
    • Ekaterina (QA Engineer)
      EkaterinaQA Engineer
  • Sales & Support

    • Matteo (Head of Sales)
      MatteoHead of Sales
    • Daniella (Customer Success)
      DaniellaCustomer Success


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