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Founders - Louis, Barry & Paul
Founders - Louis, Barry & Paul

Our Story

UnifyOrdering is a tech platform that was conceptualised in 2016 by a group of Irish restaurant and food operators who were frustrated with the inefficiency of the wholesale food industry, and in particular the ordering process.

Our three founders are Louis, Barry and Paul.

Louis, who is Partner and Operations Manager at a specialty coffee roastery and a group of coffee bars has years of experience in the Irish hospitality industry.

He was the first to identify the problem of an antiquated ordering system and conceptualise the solution that has now become UnifyOrdering. He reached out to his school friend, Paul, who is a tech expert with over 15 years of experience. Paul and Louis created the first prototype of UnifyOrdering and have been growing the product since.

With a prototype to show and test, Paul and Louis approached Barry, who is the owner of multiple restaurants in Dublin and a specialty food store chain. Barry loved the solution that UnifyOrdering provided so much, that he implemented the technology in all of his businesses and invested in the product.

UnifyOrdering has grown since then, the product has been specialised to make ordering easier and give back time to it’s users, so that they have more time to focus on what matters to them.

For buyers (restaurants, bars, cafes and retailers) the product is a free app that allows them to add any team member, connect to any supplier that they are working with or find and work with any new supplier. The app then records all aspects of the ordering process making it a tool for cost reduction, team collaboration, control over ordering and waste management.

For Suppliers, UnifyOrdering offers a digital way of connecting with customers whilst still maintaining a close relationship with them. The app also promotes sustainability within the industry by digitising product brochures and reducing waste by eliminating errors in the ordering process.

Through solving this problem in the Food and Beverage Industry, UnifyOrdering has organically created a network of Ireland’s best suppliers, producers and the restaurants and chefs who purchase from them. Allowing chefs to easily find and purchase the very best goods and for suppliers to meet and start doing business with new customers in a completely new way. A win-win all round.

Our Irish team
Our Irish team


We’re always looking for new team members. Please send your cv to [email protected].